NMPFFA Bridge Scholarship

 The NMPFFA, along with our corporate partners, is pleased to provide monetary assistance for higher education to all those who qualify. We encourage a commitment to scholastic excellence, and support tomorrow’s leaders, today. The NMPFFA scholarships can be helpful in many ways. These monetary contributions to qualified applicants may make the difference between struggling through academics or succeeding. So many of today’s college or technical school students get caught up with side jobs to afford books or pay student loans, and they are uniquely unable to complete their studies. Often times, these side jobs turn to full time jobs and students inadvertently become part of the workforce without ever completing their higher education. Now, with the support of New Mexico Companies, Firefighting Based Industry, and The New Mexico Professional Firefighters Association, we will make a difference. 
 Applicants’ must be a dependent of an active, IAFF professional firefighter. The Firefighter will need to provide copies of his/her tax return from previous years showing the dependents eligibility. 
Student Requirements;
 -    Students need to graduate high school with a minimum cumulative
GPA of 2.75 and score at least a 21 on the ACT or 900 on the SAT test
-         Turn in a completed application (provided by the NMPFFA)
-         Along with the application, complete an essay describing him/her self to include community/school involvement, accomplishments, awards, etc
-         Agree to perform 40 hours of community service for a needy cause in his/her community ( must be approved by the NMPFFA)
(These are 1st semester bridge scholarships only, and are based on availability of funds)

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